12.21.2010 Solstice Prayer

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अस अ क्र्यस्तल ऑफ़ साल्ट थ्रोवं इन्तो वाटर दिस्सोल्वेस इन वाटर एंड बेकोमेस ओने विथ वाटर सो थे स्टेट इन व्हिच उनिटी इन "इ" कोन्स्किऔस्नेस्स एंड सुप्रेमे कोन्सिऔस्नेस्स इस अचिएवेद इस काल्लेद समाधी.
As a crystal of salt thrown into water dissoves in water and becomes one with water so the state in which unity in "I" consciousness and supreme consciousness is achieved is called samadhi.

Saubhagyalakshmi Upanishad 2.14


Winter Solstice ~ Full Moon ~ Lunar Eclipse 12.21.10

Galatic Alignment

We are on the verge of experiencing a very powerful astronomical configuration. Winter Solstice during a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse.  Our Sun, Moon & Earth will be in alignment with the Galactic Core on the Galactic Plane. This occurs once every 25,600 years; how blessed we are to be alive to experience this at this time!

This is a powerful time to be in prayer, aligned within our higher truth,  to have clarity of our intentions, and to focus on positive energy and manifestation.

For more info please view Sam Sadasiva Geppe's video links below:

John Dumas' video shows a perspective from Kauai, accompanied by his beautiful music:

See also Mountain Astrologer Magazines article:

Here is a trilogy of insightful videos about the powerful time we are in:
I recommend the third video, 'Birthing a New Humanity'.

Many Blessings to you and all your relations. May PEACE, LOVE, HARMONY multiply and radiate to all beings, on all dimensions.

Richard Freeman Elucidates Yoga Philosophy

"Ganesh’s Secret: The Obstacles to Yoga"


Danse Arts Yoga @ Hanalei Bay

 Yoga and Danse play at Hanalei Bay

Nature is my playground.
More inspiring than the best dance studio, the firm wet sand created by the gentle lap of waves at seashore is perfect for training.
Filled with inspiration and surrounded by nature's beauty; I dance, play, stretch, do acrobatics, yoga, and swim.
Nourishing the body, mind and spirit; renewing joy in life, and aligning the body to tune into Universal energies for health benefits and continued evolution.

This is my prayer,
Conscious Breath with Movement.

Warrioress in Cross-bow stance.

Sword Finger.

Eagle Stance.

उर्ध्व प्रसारित एकापदासना ~Urdhva Prasarita Ekapadasana

हनुमानासना वैरिअतिओन ~ Hanumanasana Variation

Chinese Stylee.

सलंबा सिर्ससना ~ Salamba Sirsasana

Admiring Heavens Beauty.

Balance ~ Strength ~ Flexibility.

Danse play.
Balance & Poise

Bodhisattva Prayers.