Love ~ Life ~ Health

  • I am a professional dancer, yogini, martial artist, fire spinner, acrobat, acro-yogin. A certified masseuse & certified Rolf Method Structural Integrator, and certified Ashtanga Yoga Instructor. I am a multi-media artist, using recycled, renewable textiles, aqua & oil paints & photography. I love creating and making art; I create through inspiration.
  • I love fresh, healthy, organic, GMO FREE foods, herbs & plant medicines.
  • I love pristine nature & I am an advocate of protecting the environment.
  • I love the forest, and her beautiful rivers, the sacred waters of life.
  • I love to swim & play at the beach; I admire the strength & power of the ocean.
  • I love to travel the world, experience different cultures and learn languages. I believe in respect, for all beings, all creations, and all peoples, of all nations. I resonate in a vibration of peace, harmony, love and health; I believe this vibration is essential to happiness in life.
  • I love to love, give & receive love. I am thankful for my many blessings, being born and raised in Hawaii, my teachers, my son Timoteo, my life, health, breath, and all the abundance surrounding me.
  • I believe each breath is a gift, and that consciousness is held in breathing with awareness. I believe we are all interconnected, multi dimensional beings.
  • Nature and love are the most inspiring things for me. I wish for peace on earth, and for humanity to come into balance and have the utmost respect for nature. I believe everyone, everywhere should reduse, reuse, recycle, renew & restore!