Danse Arts Yoga Acadamie

Danse Arts Yoga Acadamie
Bless the life giving waters.

Danse Arts Yoga Acadamie

Danse Arts Yoga Acadamie

Sacred Geometry ~ To the Four Directions

Sacred Geometry ~ To the Four Directions
As Above ~ So Below

Shakti Rising ~ Belly Dance

Shakti Rising ~ Belly Dance

Offerings & Invocation

Offerings & Invocation
Fire Dance offerings to light the path.

Arc of Light

Arc of Light
Back bending creates Heart openings!

Warrior Princess

Warrior Princess
Fire spinning combined with martial arts & acrobatics.


Lovely and charming Brera, Milano

One of my favorite places to visit in Milan is Brera. It's cobble stone streets and narrow alleys are picturesque and full of beauty. Academia Brera hosts a musuem, art acadamy, with a historical astronomy look out tower, and a lovely garden that wafts of a sweet familiar scent that I love but can't place. Nostalgia mixes with awe and inspiration in lovely Brera. See the beauty at: Pinacoteca de Brera.

In Brera one can find exquisite high fashion shops, art exhibitions, ancient churchs, cool cafes, and next to the Academie  is Cesare Crespi, an artist supply shop established in 1880, where I picked up some art supplies to entertain right brain creativity and the artist within.
Images of Brera

Please enjoy the essence of Brera.


Viva Italia!

Bella Italia!

Lake Maggiore & Isola Bella  A beautiful island with a historic castle museum full of art and antiquities. I visited the town of Stresa, Italy and took the ferry to the picturesque island. Photos to be posted later.
Isola Bella images

Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio On a walk in Milano I stumbled upon this ancient church (year 379-386). Follow the link above or below for info and photos.
Basilica d`Ambrogio images

Basilica della Santa Maria Grazie  I feel completely speechless to the beauty and historic art contained herein. It is the home of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper'. da Vinci's Last Supper. I shall leave the art historians and experts to discuss this incredible work; I can only say that is absolutely beautiful and I am amazed. Maria della Grazie images

On another day's walkabout I visited the Piazza del Duomo MilanoDuomo de Milano images . Again I am speechless and in awe. I shall post photos later.

and... last but not least, my dear friend Zena who is amongst many things a creative artist and Milanese fashionista, was having her exhibit of Artistic Hats ZHAT.

I shall share more about my trip to Milan later. For now, all I can say is Viva Italia!


Inspiring Words from a Dear Friend, who has begun the practice of Ashtanga Yoga.

Pua La`a

Dancing, dancing, gliding effortlessly, 
from pose to pose, in the Light of Grace, 
she is her dance, the inner integrity of being
radiating outward, filling space with the Love of Goddess,

Inspirational and compelling, she beckons others to find their highest form;

As water that moves gracefully in and through changing landscapes,
Pua’s practice embraces the breadth and power of the sensual choreography of the Yogini, 

Such poetry in motion . . . 

I receive inspiration to breathe more deeply,
to extend beyond my preconceived limits,
to explore new and expanding vistas of my practice.

In gratitude I move forward, breathing ever more deeply. 

Only Love.


Kalalea Fire Dance Troupe Revisited

'Retro Hawaii' by Kalalea Fire
I recently had the pleasure of dancing again with 'Kalalea Fire'. The theme for this O`ahu show was 'Bavarian Babes'. It was a wonderful experience with a sweet group of women. Hopefully we will have access to the video footage and photos of the performance. I just stumbled upon the above photo from a Retro Hawaii show in 2009, sent to me by Sol Art Studios, director of  Kalalea Fire.

Harmony Festival w/ DJ Gaudi
Link for video of past performance for 'The Dead' @ The Shoreline Amphitheater:
Kalalea Fire dances for 'The Dead'  (I come in for solos on stage right at 2:08 with fire staff, and at 4:23 with Ribbons.)


Venus Transit 2012

The Rose Of Venus mandala is the sacred geometric pattern of the orbit as Venus revolves around the earth and seen as a pentagram design or five petal rose. The planet Venus is named after the Roman Goddess of love, grace, beauty and sexual rapture. Venus governs the heart chakra and is associated with unconditional love, compassion, intuitive knowing, harmony, magnetic attraction, romance, beauty and sexual rapture.

Venus Transit Astrology & Symbolism:                                    Mystic Mamma Astral Insights
For more astrology info see:                                                       Mountain Astrologer
To compute your local time to view the rare Venus Transit:      Local Transit Times
YouTube video of transit pattern creating the Rose of Venus:   Sun Venus Earth transit pattern
Safe viewing instructions and online webcast viewing:              2012 Venus Transit Eclipse Portal


Venus Arts


dance belly dance


Sword dance for Benefit for Haiti & Doctors w/o Borders, on Kauai


yoga HI ~ Peaceful Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance & Yoga

Why yogaHI?

Yoga is often defined as union of self with the Divine, or integrity of self Divinity. There are many interpretations of yoga; and it is the base of countless commentaries and discussions. The true meaning of yoga is experienced by cultivating sadhana (practice) and svadhyaya (self study). Yoga is a discipline I have cultivated since 1980; it has been a profound and blessed journey for me. I wish to share that blessing with others.

HI is the abbreviation for the state of Hawai`i; my birthplace, and my home. HI is the state which this program is based; however, in my international travels I share these teachings with those that I meet. The island chain of Hawai`i represents 'The Spirit of Aloha'; which I strive to be an Ambassador of Aloha, at home and abroad.

HI is also a play on words as in 'high'. In doing yoga, internal and external physical/martial arts training we get 'high' and experience a positive sense of well being from the endorphins released in our body. The instruction is open for adults and children, but it is also intended to reach teens (or persons of any age) who may be looking externally to get 'high'. I would like to share with them tools to experience bliss & happiness internally, naturally and positively with benefits of health, peace and well being.

The sacred geometry symbol is the Hawaiian 'Eye of Kanaloa'. It has many profound codes of healing, mana and mana`o contained within it. It is my intention that it empower and benefit those that see/know/feel it.

This is the intention of the logo for yogaHI.



6th Annual Peking Opera Festival Wuhan, China 11/11


Offering classes for Kauai Youth, and the young at heart. Training in peaceful martial arts, acrobatics, dance and yoga.