Viva Italia!

Bella Italia!

Lake Maggiore & Isola Bella  A beautiful island with a historic castle museum full of art and antiquities. I visited the town of Stresa, Italy and took the ferry to the picturesque island. Photos to be posted later.
Isola Bella images

Basilica of Sant'Ambrogio On a walk in Milano I stumbled upon this ancient church (year 379-386). Follow the link above or below for info and photos.
Basilica d`Ambrogio images

Basilica della Santa Maria Grazie  I feel completely speechless to the beauty and historic art contained herein. It is the home of Leonardo da Vinci's 'Last Supper'. da Vinci's Last Supper. I shall leave the art historians and experts to discuss this incredible work; I can only say that is absolutely beautiful and I am amazed. Maria della Grazie images

On another day's walkabout I visited the Piazza del Duomo MilanoDuomo de Milano images . Again I am speechless and in awe. I shall post photos later.

and... last but not least, my dear friend Zena who is amongst many things a creative artist and Milanese fashionista, was having her exhibit of Artistic Hats ZHAT.

I shall share more about my trip to Milan later. For now, all I can say is Viva Italia!

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