Dance Biography

Pua La`a
P.O. Box 1663
Hanalei, HI 96714 (9642)


Toi Pua La`a is an accomplished and skilled professional dancer, born of the Hawaiian Islands. Her love of dance goes back to her childhood, where the beauty of nature, the fluidity and grace of ocean waves and the gentle swaying of trees were all honored in Hawaiian hula dance. From a young age she knew she wanted to express her spirit and creativity thru dance.
As a youth, she began to study dance, yoga, and tai ji. Pua La`a began her formal training in 1984, when she moved to New York City. She studied intensively for eight years with Tung Nyan Hung, a 9th generation Peking Opera Master. Tung Sifu (master) passed his lineage knowledge to Pua La`a. She trained in the role of the Wu Dan (female warrior), specializing in martial arts, acrobatics, dance and weaponry. Simultaneously she studied chinese classical and folk dances, ballet, aeriel dance, wu shu, tai ji chen, & ashtanga yoga.

Pua La`a began performing with her teacher's professional Peking Opera company after six months of training. Simultaneously dancing with several dance companies, she toured extensively on the eastern shoreboard, and tri-state areas from 1984-1992. She also began to assist and teach classes.
For the 1992 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Albertville, France;  Pua La`a danced in an aeriel piece titled 'Ballet Aerien Elastiques', on bungee cords.
Returning home to Hawai`i in 1992, Pua La`a continued her dance studies in hula, tahitian, middle eastern belly dance, Orissi temple dancing, and fire dancing. She has danced professionally in all of her fields of study. She continues her yoga practice and is a certified teacher in ashtanga yoga; as well as a licensed masseuse and a Structural Integrator. She is also a master choreographer, combining the style and technique of her many years of training with the unique flavor of her wide repetoire.
Pua La`a has a deep love of the sacred art of movement and dance. Dance is her prayer and her gift to share with her audiences and the world.