yoga HI ~ Peaceful Martial Arts, Acrobatics, Dance & Yoga

Why yogaHI?

Yoga is often defined as union of self with the Divine, or integrity of self Divinity. There are many interpretations of yoga; and it is the base of countless commentaries and discussions. The true meaning of yoga is experienced by cultivating sadhana (practice) and svadhyaya (self study). Yoga is a discipline I have cultivated since 1980; it has been a profound and blessed journey for me. I wish to share that blessing with others.

HI is the abbreviation for the state of Hawai`i; my birthplace, and my home. HI is the state which this program is based; however, in my international travels I share these teachings with those that I meet. The island chain of Hawai`i represents 'The Spirit of Aloha'; which I strive to be an Ambassador of Aloha, at home and abroad.

HI is also a play on words as in 'high'. In doing yoga, internal and external physical/martial arts training we get 'high' and experience a positive sense of well being from the endorphins released in our body. The instruction is open for adults and children, but it is also intended to reach teens (or persons of any age) who may be looking externally to get 'high'. I would like to share with them tools to experience bliss & happiness internally, naturally and positively with benefits of health, peace and well being.

The sacred geometry symbol is the Hawaiian 'Eye of Kanaloa'. It has many profound codes of healing, mana and mana`o contained within it. It is my intention that it empower and benefit those that see/know/feel it.

This is the intention of the logo for yogaHI.


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