Tsunami in Japan 2011

My prayers to the people in Japan that are suffering from the tsunami, and the damage. So many lives lost, so many people affected, and now many are without food, water, homes, transportation. I am praying that the nuclear reactors don't leak. I am praying that there can be peace and restoration of harmony.


  1. I still cannot believe it, I´ve worried some about you because of the Tsunami, but the news said there were no big waves.
    I feel somewhat sad, over here (Portugal) and all around, I notice a big wave of "indiference" towards this issue.
    I wonder if the world isn´t getting quite mad...

    I hope you are well, all my love and prayers will join yours and i HOPE MANY OTHERS ALL AROUND THE GLOBE.

  2. Obrigado Bicando. I am very concerned for Japan, and the effects of radiation fall out on the world. We are all connected, sharing this beautiful Earth as home. I am so sad for all the suffering. I send my prayers, and my meditation that there be Peace, Harmony and Healing, for each of us, for all of us, and for Pacha Mama.