Martial ARTS in action on Kauai.

Honored to participate in 'Sekai' production on Kauai. I choreographed a martial arts and acrobatics duet, featuring double swords vs staff, bare hands and sword vs sword. My partner is my son and student, a young warrior in training, Timoteo Hew Len; who did a fine job in his Kauai debut.

I pay homage to my teachers and Tung Sifu. Thank you for blessing me with your wisdom, art and skills; in your honor I am now teaching the next generation.

Here is a review of Sekai in the Garden Island newspaper: Soul Fire's ‘SEKAI,’ a stunning sensation. Photos gifted by Tehila Photography and Elsa Flores, with gratitude.

Sekai photo shoot @Kilohana Kauai by Bonita Hensley. Thank you Bonita!

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