1.11.11 11:11

Hawai`i Time, at this moment is 1.11.11 11:11

Blessings! That is a lot of 1's. For me it is a reminder that we are all one, connected on this planet Earth; one breath by breath creates a thread of consciousness. Let us unify in one heart, with one love, and bring peace & happiness to this world, once and for all!

Here is some information on the planetary alignments between January 8-14, 2011 via Sam Geppi, Vedic Astrologer:

Life is a series of moments, and in each moment we are choosing to do what is right, or what makes us happy; Mars (what is right) vs Venus (what makes us happy). Hopefully they are synonymus!

Vedic Astrology—Five Keys for more Courage & Discipline.

1. Wake up an hour earlier for meditation and solitude.
2. Eat what is best for your body, not necessarily what tastes the best.
3. When irritated with someone, wait before speaking.
4. Work out or exercise more – especially practice like yoga.
5. Speak up on behalf of  someone weaker or a cause you believe in.

Here is a video describing this transit in greater detail:


  1. That's a lotta 1's. I see you even got the posting time 1:11 PM perfect.

  2. Hello Brad. Yes, lot's of 1's. Like Bob Marley said...One Love, One Heart, let's get together and feel all right.