New Year Celebration!


I have so much gratitude, inspiration and joy flowing through me for all the Blessings I receive.

I feel a shift has occured with the past 12.21.10 Eclipse/Solstice/Full Moon. The energies had been building through the year with powerful planetary alignments, creating intense pressure perfect for personal growth in self, relationship to others, environment, and reality.

As I passed through periods of despair and sometimes disabling discouragement I berated myself for not being positively happy, fully content, and fully manifesting. Yes, I felt Gratitude for my blessings, yet still feelings of sadness that my life not what I had hoped, dreamed and wished for at this time, or how challenging and difficult it can be. I questioned the source of these feelings and perception, from a spiritual perspective. My spiritual tools that had carried me thus far in life was somehow not always enough in this time. I was being challenged, riding waves of emotions, being dispassionately unattached at best.

Bewildered by the less than beautiful perspective and ennui,  I intuited that I was learning the last and deepest lessons that were holding me back from a move forward to my next level of Evolution. I sensed if I just relaxed and let go of my feelings of discontent with my discontentment, and just breathed to get through those moments, that those moments would add up to be time, and time passes and heals all wounds right? So, I relaxed (not always with grace), I breathed (sometimes shallowly, sometimes with great vigor in yoga), and I let those moments pass. 

Thank Heavens for Yoga, which was my thread of clarity, grounding me in truth in the present moment breath by breath.  Thankful also to have a sanctuary, sacred space in my home to pass through this process. Thankful for the loved ones who supported me, believed in me, and reflected positive love to me.

Surprisingly, although the actual Eclipse moment didn't meet my 'ideal' standards of an enlightened and awakening moment........it did create a shift. An alignment did happened, and I did receive that Galactic intunement. I have realigned, remembered and reactiveated my truth, my destiny and my purpose here on this planet. (And it certainly isn't to feel bad and sorry about myself!)

I am here to shine my light, to be bright, to be brilliant! I am here to share, to love, to teach, to heal. I have studied and learned and shall always be a humble student....I am also a teacher; and I have a responsibility to teach what I have been blessed to learn. 

I am ready.

I am inspired.

I am Blessed.

I am Gratitude.

I chose Abundance. I chose Life. I chose to Love myself and others as Divine BeIngs of Energy and Light.

I share this with you in hopes that it touches your heart and brightens your light.
May you also be empowered and activated in your truth.

Blessings in this Dawn of a New Paradigm and Galactic Activation.

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